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One of our country’s founding documents proudly proclaims that all men are created equally. The same applies to Medigap plans. On page 100 of the 2016 Medicare and You book from the United States government, it says in bold letters, “Different insurance companies may charge different premiums for the same exact policy.”


Click image to download a copy of the newest Medicare and You book (PDF) from Medicare

Then what’s the difference?

The only difference between a Plan G, or Plan N, from one company to another company is the price. The benefits are identical. There is not one difference. It would be against the law for them to offer different coverage than what Medicare mandates for each plan. Also, in today’s technological age all companies utilize what is referred to as “cross-over claims.”

That means that when your doctor files a claim with Medicare, the insurance company receives notice from Medicare and they must pay that claim. They have to. No company is exempt.  They absolutely must pay the bill on Medicare-approved claims. While it is important to shop with “A” rated carriers for financial strength, it is equally important that seniors not fall in love with a brand name with Medicare Supplement insurance. Why? Because a policy with one company does not pay any more benefits than a policy with a lesser-known company brand. They all work exactly the same by law.

Seniors often tell us, “Well, I’m happy with the company I have been with because they pay all of the bills.” 100% of all customers will say that because all companies have to pay the bills. It is the law for any company that offers Medicare supplement policies. They have no choice but to pay the bills.

All Companies Pay the Providers the Same Way

A company that has high premiums pays the medical bills in exactly the same fashion as the companies with low premiums. You can pay for glitzy television commercials, blimps that fly over stadiums, or salaried insurance agents, all in order to get that brand name, but the cost is reflected in your monthly premiums and in the rate increases you experience.

The best possible solution is to have an independent insurance agency do a comparison for you. We can shop every available Medigap plan in your specific zip code. This is how we provide Medicare help. When you contact Integrity Senior Solutions, we can show you right on your computer screen all of the prices side by side for every company offering your plan in your ZIP code.

Our service is free. The average savings is typically $700 per year for one person or $1,400 per year for a married couple.

The only thing that changes for you is the name of the insurance company on your card and the independent agent that is working for you – not just today and gone tomorrow, but from now on. You will not miss one second of coverage. The bills will still get paid. And yes, YOUR doctor will still accept the insurance, as it is all filed electronically through Medicare. The only difference is more money going back into your pocket every month instead of into the insurance company’s bank account.


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