Turning 65, New To Medicare

New To Medicare

Turning 65. A milestone. Qualifying for Medicare means a whole new world of healthcare options. But there are many questions that come with a new, comprehensive health plan such as Medicare. What do all of these Parts and Plans mean? When do I need to enroll? Have you seen how much mail I have gotten the last few months about Medicare and the different plans??

We completely understand! It can be totally overwhelming, to say the least. The good news is that we can help you wade through all of the information as we have for thousands of Medicare beneficiaries since 1996. And our service is absolutely free. Really.

The transition onto Medicare is completely painless and simple if you know the proper steps to take. Between our informative videos and website designed for those new to Medicare, you can find the information you need without a salesman or marketer looking over your shoulder. No one is there pressuring you to make a decision. And it can all be done right on the device you are reading this article on right now from the comfort of your home.

Necessary Steps When Turning 65

Most of the steps needed to get started on Medicare can be done online or over the phone from home. However, there is one step that you may need to take outside of the home. That would be enrolling in Medicare Part A and Part B. Those are the only parts of Medicare that you enroll in through Social Security, and you can do that at your local Social Security office, through the SSA.gov website, or over the phone at 1-800-772-1213. The other Parts (Part C & Part D) and any supplemental coverages are done through an insurance company. More on how to go about that in a moment.

Here are the steps you will need to take to get your Medicare coverage in place:


The Importance of an Independent Agency

When turning 65, it is very important that you choose to work with an independent agent who represents all of the various insurance companies. When you call an insurance company directly, you will talk with an employee of the insurance company whose job is to Medicare and turning 65enroll you with their company. They will never tell you a competitor’s price or of their upcoming rate changes or rate histories.

It costs nothing extra to work with an independent agency, but it could cost you if you don’t. The prices are identical per company whether you enroll directly with the company or use our shopping service. If we bring your business to the company, they pay the agent a commission. It does not affect your premium one penny. They would love for you to call them directly so they can bypass the valuable service the agent provides and pocket that money themselves.

Service After You Are Enrolled

It is also important to have an agency that knows how to help you beyond your open enrollment period. Things are constantly changing in the insurance world and you need someone who can be there for you for the long haul, not just when you first enroll. What happens when a claim slips through and you need help getting it paid? We are here to help you after you enroll when problems arise.

When an agent’s practice is solely dependent upon new seniors who are turning 65, that agent literally doesn’t know how to handle it when someone needs to make a change down the road and go through underwriting to move to a new company. There are issues that can come up that an experienced agent will not get shaken by. An experienced agent can help when it is needed. This is critical.

You Maintain Control

An independent agent works for you, not for the insurance companies. We can shop the market independently for the best possible value for your insurance premium dollar.

All of the Medicare supplement plans are identical, regardless of the company. They all pay the bills exactly the same way. And the price for a given company’s coverage is exactly the same whether you go directly to the company or let us shop the market for you. The only difference is the price that your agent is able to find in the marketplace for you. Sometimes that difference can be to the tune of $1,200 of more per year. And this should be checked for you every year, not just when you turn 65.

Do you know what happens when you sign up with a Turning 65 only Medicare agent? They’re off next week looking for that next “turning 65” senior. They are nowhere to be found. Your agent is not taking care of you. If you have been on Medicare for more than a couple of years, when was the last time you heard from your agent? Things are changing too quickly in Medicare for your agent to leave you out in the cold.

I have been working with seniors turning 65 and all the way up into their late 90’s since 1996. Let me put that experience to work for you. My services are FREE. Call the number below or use the contact form to the right and I will put my office to work for you now and into the future.

Stanley Keith Murray

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